On the occasion of June Art Fair, in Basel, various artists were challenged to create a frog for the Landhof community garden. 

Works by Ana Manso, Anastasia Pavlou, Golnaz Hosseini, Jacob Ott, Jan Kiefer, Joaquim Cantor Miranda, Jodok Wehrli, Kevin Desbouis, Kilian Schellenberger, Kristian Suvatne Augland, Laurie Anderson Mlodzik, Lotte Rose Kjaer Skau, Mariana Tilly, Michael Ray-Von, Mireille Gros, Noemi Pfister, Pauline Coquart, Pedro Barateiro and Sergio Rojas Chaves

Golnaz Hosseini, “Fröschungsfroge”, 2023, slime and acrylic on rock

Ana Manso, “Frog Spirit”, 2023, oil on clay and found + oil on wood

Jodok Wehrli, “Er, Weis and Bud 1995-2000”, 2023, papiermaché and lacquer

Mariana Tilly, “Not a bad jazz record”, 2023, acrylic on rock and vinyl record

Kevin Desbouis, “The Great News”, 2023, paint on wood

Kristian Suvtane Augland, “Frogs on top of another frog”, 2023, oil on rocks

Kilian Schellenberger, “House of Frogs”, 2023, rocks

Joaquim Cantor Miranda, “Rã”, 2023, print on paper mounted on marble

Lotte Rose Kjaer Skau, “The writing on the stone”, 2023, acrylic on rock

Laurie Mlodzik, untitled, 2023, plushies and handmade paper

Mariana Murcia, “Rata por rana”, 2023, ceramics

Anastasia Pavlou, “Claude”, 2023, oil pastel on rock

Jacob Ott, “Diogo the frog”, 2023, acrylic and spray paint on rock, rubber boot and leaves

Jan Kiefer, “Gekreuzigter”, 2023, acrylic on rocks and wood

Michael Ray-Von, “Gaucho”, 2023, raisins on rock

Mireille Gros, “Max”, 2023, oil on rock

Noemi Pfister, untitled, 2023, etched marble and glitter

Pedro Barateiro, “Fingers”, 2023, pen on bathing suit

Sergio Rojas Chaves, “Let me hold you (1-6)”, 2023, wood, plaster, polymer clay and acrylic paint

Pauline Coquart, “Sex Working Class Frog”, 2023, confetti on rock

Curated by Diogo Pinto

June Art Fair

Basel, 2023

Photos by Joaquim Cantor Miranda and Mariana Tilly