Verão – Été – Summer – Sommer

Within the context of This is a Bar… ou Praia de Banhos – Joaquim Bravo, Turismo e o Algarve, curated by the artist Diogo Pinto and (then) currently on view at Galerias Municipais – Pavilhão Branco, we invite you to Verão – Été – Summer – Sommer – a presentation with Faltpavillon and Diogo Pinto in Lisbon.

Faltpavillon (folding pavilion) is an itinerant exhibition vessel created by Michael Ray-Von and Finn Curry. In place of a conventional gallery space with a fixed location, their format consists of a 3 x 3 meter pop-up pavilion, commonly found in the context of wedding parties, street markets, and archaeological digs, among others. For each edition of Faltpavillon, an artist is invited to select a new site where to assemble the pavilion and present works within and around it.

For the exhibition Verão – Été – Summer – Sommer, Diogo Pinto will present an original artwork inside the tent in front of Pavilhão Branco and again, with another work, on a Algarve beach. Pinto’s research-heavy curatorial and artistic practice examines Portuguese art historical narratives and actors, in this instance focusing on the tourism industry in the Algarve. Through Faltpavillon, his work will be framed directly by the environments his curatorial and artistic work investigates, thereby making new connections available to the viewer and underlining the inextricable link between the physical space of the Algarve, it’s history as it relates to tourism, and it’s representation in art.

“Verão – Été – Summer – Sommer”,  2022, oil on canvas, 93 x 56 cm(12 canvases with 31 x 14 cm each) 

“Godot’s Bar”,  2022, oil on canvas, 62 x 84 cm (12 canvases with 31 x 14 cm each)

Limited edition t-shirt souvenir


Lisbon and Praia da Salema, Portugal, 2022

Photos by Finn Curry